Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wiz Khalifa Sucks!

Has anyone heard Wiz Khalifa's BET cypher with Raekwon? Raekwon makes Wiz look like he couldnt spit his way out of a paper bag, and its true.  Black and  yellow is overrated and Wiz is definitely not a skilled M.C., but he smokes alot of bud, carries a mystique, and can put out a catchy sound so i gotta give him props for moving copies and creating a fan base!


  1. A mystique is all a rappers seems to need these days.. good point of view, curious to see more of your blog! very good

  2. wiz is a wanker, lil wayne trashed him on his own track. seriously.

    yeah, black and yellow is overrated - especially when you're not a steelers fan.

  3. I actually really love that song. Just as a song, not so much lyrically =/

  4. Totally cool bro'!
    Following you now!